Who participates on your private tour? 

David      Driver, guide, every tour

Ksenia    When Russian or Biology is required

Mike       Our second Defender driver, for groups of 6 to 9

Zhen       Chinese guide, for Chinese speakers

Sid          English (actually Australian) and Hindi language guide

What do we have in common? We are friends, family, and colleagues, living in western Switzerland.

Ksenia Steed: The better half of the family. PhD in Biology, post graduate studies in Hospitality Management. Native Russian. Other degrees in Law, German, and Ecology.

Zhen Bugnard: Our Chinese guide, Hospitality Management professional.

Mike Box: Our second Defender owner/driver, Mike is armed with French & English. Expertise(?), you decide. He has travelled by 4x4 in the deserts of the Middle East, California, and Yakima, Washington. He climbs mountains, hikes through the jungles of Central America, and he likes SCUBA diving. Add parachuting to mix it up.

David Steed: Founder of Steed Tours

Born in the USA, adulthood in Europe.

Tour guide (French, German, English) at Herrenchiemsee Palace, Bavaria.

IT consultant at NASA, Daimler, IBM, large banks in the US, Germany, Switzerland.

Studied International Relations / Political Science in Washington D.C., Paris, Berlin, and Brussels. Research conducted at the US State Department, and NATO in Brussels. 

Professional road and track cyclist. Set two Guinness World Records for Stationary Cycling (balancing on a bicycle, in one place).

I have explored Europe, mostly by motorcycle and 4x4, over the last 15 years (and another 20 years previously). The passes in the Alps are my favourites, especially near home, here in Switzerland. 

Sid Gupta: After taking an early tour with us, we quickly realised Sid belongs on the team. Sid brings Hindi, Australian (a type of English), charm, and intellect to the game, and we are honoured to have him!

Let's Talk!

Steed Tours is in timezone GMT+1 or CET, same as Paris, Amsterdam, Geneva

telephone (best between 8am and 6pm / 08:00 to 18:00 CET) 

 +41 79 173 56 35




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