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Steed Tours offers private, backroad driven, guided adventure type excursions in Western Switzerland.

Our vehicles are the iconic Land Rover Defenders, bringing you to places you've never imagined.


My husband and I traveled to Switzerland and stayed in Montreux several days. One of those days was dedicated to a driving adventure with Steed Tours. The morning began with David and his friend Marlies picking us up from our hotel in Montreux. He was on time and greeted us with his Land Rover Defender parked steps from the entrance. Off we went to tour some fabulous sites. We first stopped in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Lavaux near to Rivaz. The entire village of Rivaz is part of the Inventory of Swiss Heritage Sites. From there, on to Aigle Castle. It's amazing how that Defender can drive in the smallest of streets that are more like sidewalks! From there, we drove to a hidden lake where I dined on a very good trout lunch with my lunch caught from the lake. Yummy! Lunch was included in our tour. We then took roads less traveled to visit some farms who make cheese right on the premises. Did you know Swiss cows wear bells, big bells! We tasted cheese and visited with the farmers who explained the process of cheese making. Higher and higher we went into the Alps with David carefully driving us to the most beautiful stops. Wildflowers blooming everywhere, vistas of beauty mile upon mile into the distance, wild foxes running about the hills and a stop for a beer and sausages with a view of what the lucky residents of cantons Vaud and Bern and Fribourg get to see every day. We saw many other sites that day. David was very knowledgeable and answered nearly all of our numerous questions. We learned so much! He ended the tour with a gift of Swiss Chocolate, which I happily ate the rest of our trip. Thanks David!

  • June 2017, Marla & Dan S. from California (text from Trip Advisor)

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  • Viator (Trip Advisor company, reprinted here)

Saritha M. from Costa Rica joined us for a gorgeous day at the Gastlosen mountains

Saritha M. from Costa Rica joined us for a gorgeous day at the Gastlosen mountains

Rolling along with a couple of Defenders: Steed Tours

Rolling along with a couple of Defenders: Steed Tours

We "green-lane" where possible, combined with theme-based cultural discovery: nature discovery, local cuisines and traditions, museums and activities. Throw in snow shoeing, walking and hiking, for fun.

Imagine driving up countryside paths and over farm roads as the adventure, moving from one great place to visit, to the next.

"This is amazing, beautiful" is a phrase we hear often.


Our tours are not those you will find offered by other tour companies. 

Here are some of the terms our guests have used to describe our tours:

  • Unique

  • Off the beaten path

  • Real, rustic Switzerland

  • True nature

  • Not touristy

Swiss Romandy is our starting point. The world knows the district Gruyère and its namesake cheese. But ask Swiss from other regions, about the very best delicacies from Gruyère (soupe de chalet, meringue with crème double, moutarde de Bénichon with light safran rolls), and they often don't know them. Likewise only the locals have driven the roughest back roads connecting farms, or the single-lane paths on the side of a steep mountain, to reach an Alpage. This is a taste of Switzerland at its best, and this is where we take you.

These exclusive tours have grown from a passion for the Swiss countryside, and the desire to see every nook and cranny of an area. This is best accomplished in an iconic, indestructible, go-anywhere Land Rover Defender. Add snow shoes and hiking boots to make the journey complete (we have extra snow shoes).

All tours are heavily dependent on the weather.  A light snow followed by a big wind gust means snow drifts and a blocked road. Or, pull out the rescue/traction bars and a shovel, and a few meters further we're clear and continuing. The great news is, we always manage with route alternatives and variations. This means every tour is indeed different, shaped by the weather and your wishes.

We suggest favourite routes, but above all we are flexible and listen to you. Detours and stops are at your request.

Tours start from and traverse the cantons of Fribourg, Vaud, Valais, and Bern. We operate within the western French speaking region primarily, and cross the language divide (called “Röschtigraben" in German) regularly. 

Gorgeous landscapes, unforgettable new sights, regional specialties, and adventures await you.

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