Two People, two special days, IN SWITZERLAND

* Straight couples welcome. LGBT couples welcome. Married, divorced, haven't figured it out yet; we appreciate all of you! *  

Paraglide, drive backroads, enjoy our local food and wine, explore mountain tops, sleep in the hay if you want, and on and on.

SITUATION: You have enough things and are looking for something else.

SOLUTION: You search for experiences which satisfy, so congratulations, you've arrived! 

Day one:

  • Pickup at your hotel, train station, place of choice
  • Drive to the top of a mountain in canton Fribourg
  • Paraglide: tandem, with your (two) instructors
  • Sightsee on the drive to a typical Swiss lunch at a buvette (Swiss restaurant in the mountains)
  • Explore backroads over mountain passes 
  • Spend a few hours at the thermal baths and sauna
  • Fondue dinner and walk at the Gruyère castle
  • Go for a stroll in the gorgeous, rolling "pre-Alps"
  • Sleep in a chalet d'alpage (Swiss farmer's hut where the cows live in summer)

NOTE: Sleeping in a rustic chalet is truly the opposite of a five star hotel- here you can sleep in the hay or a basic bed in the loft. You will have clean sheets.

Day two:

Everything is included. If you need to know the price beforehand... just ask. We look after you on this trip, and we respect your privacy.

The roads of course have to be passable. In the places we travel, snow is an issue many months of the year. We need some time to research the weather, seasonal schedules and reservations at all the locations. One week advance booking is appreciated.

This excursion will be your unforgettable, unique, Swiss adventure, and we guarantee it.