Custom Motorcycle Tours - 1 to 3 Bikes

Ride the best known passes, within and crossing the Swiss Alps. Check here for a list of passes and status.

We will arrange a local rental for you. BMW brand motorcycles are preferred, for reliability and safety reasons. Other brands are available.

We agree on the routes together. You know or have heard about some passes or regions, others we will propose and agree on together.

Shorter, single day rides or multi-day trips are possible. Travel out and back for the day, or stay overnight along the way. Flexibility is the key.

We travel up to the speed limit (80 km/hour) on country roads, which is plenty fast for the turns and passes we travel.

The focus is on touring, staying upright, enjoying the ride, and enjoying the magnificent scenery along the way.

There are no fixed dates- we agree on travel dates together.

PRICE and Numbers

Ride alone or bring a passenger, one price one day: CHF 200.  Second and following day: CHF 100

Bike rental is a separate cost. Tell me what you want to ride. You can bring your own too, of course.

Maximum 3 bikes (from one to six guests total) per tour, keeps it safe, simple, and fun for the group.

Do you want an all inclusive tour: bike, great food, lodging, and road fees? Easy, just let me know!


  • Mine: 25 years riding, mostly in the Alps. It's one of the main reasons I live in Europe
  • Yours: I expect you will be an experienced, seasoned rider.


Pay now 

  1. Paypal if you like

  2. Talk to me, we will figure out what is easiest for you   

Pay later

  1. Reserve a tour (confirmation with email/form) and pay at pickup time, with your debit/credit card or 

  2. Cash (yes, it is true!)
    • Swiss Francs (CHF)
    • Euros (EUR)
    • US Dollars (USD)

Need to cancel? 

Let me know as soon as possible. We get it. We all like "flexible"...